Wedding Cake Costs You Might Not Know About

 A wedding cake is a staple in every wedding but in more modern times some couples are choosing to do without it. That can be either because of cost or perhaps wedding cake just doesn't suit their style. The cost of your wedding cake can depend on many factors but the average cost of a wedding cake is about $500. We can see why some couples choose to skip this tradition. But what can affect the cost of the overall wedding cake? Keep on reading to find out. 

Level Of Intricacy

The more elaborate and grand a wedding cake is, the more it's going to cost. This can be said with any item. It take more time to produce a much skilled baker to want something with a lot of details. So of course it's going to drive up the price. Choosing a more minimal style can help save you money and will still look incredible. If the taste is amazing your guest won't even notice the more minimal look. 

Ingredients Used

Speaking of the taste of the wedding cake, the ingredients used to make it will also play a part in the cost. Exotic ingredients are going to drive up the price because they will be harder to find and might need to be flown in from other locations. If you want something more custom like a vegan or gluten free wedding cake that is also going to make the price go up. 

Size Of Cake

The price of a cake is usually determined by the amount of slices you want. More slices means a bigger cake, which of course means a higher price. Some couples choose to do a single tier cake for them to cut and then have other desserts available to guests that can help stay within their budget. 

Delivery Fees

If the cake is going to be traveling far there is going to be an increase in price. Even if your venue maybe down the street from your bakery make sure you ask about the delivery fee. If possible just have someone from your wedding party pick up the cake. 

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