What Happens After You Choose Your Wedding Party

 So you asked your wedding party to be a part of your wedding, what happens now? First take time to celebrate this important moment. Then it's time to start the journey with them. It's always important to have great communication with them letting them know the schedule of events they have to be present for and so on. With that being said, these are a few steps you should take into action once you have your wedding party ready. 

Let Them Know The Type Of Commitment You Need

When you choose your wedding party make sure you let them know the type of commitment you need from them. Things like wedding dress shopping appointments, planning bridal shower, or DIYing wedding decorations. It's important to tell them early incase they are not able to take the time for these commitments. If they are not able to commit to be in the wedding party be understanding.

How Much Money Will Be Spent

Money is a big factor that can influence having people in your wedding party. Things can be expensive when it comes to buying the bridesmaids dress or renting the groomsmen tux. Be sure to explain what they will be responsible for spending on. If you they are going to need to pay for hair and makeup or if they want to do it themselves. This is all important to take note of. 

Introduce Everyone 

If your wedding party doesn't all know each other it would be a great idea for everyone to get together. They are going to be spending time together so they should definitely get to know one another. You can throw a small get together so that everyone can meet and feel more comfortable around each other. You don't want people feeling awkward or excluded. 

Any Speeches?

We typically see the wedding party giving speeches at weddings. If you want some of your party members to do so make sure you check in with them first. Some people aren't comfortable with public speeches so before you assign them that task make sure you have their input on it. 

Let The Shopping Begin

Before they shop for bridesmaids dresses or the groomsmen suits, you have to have your theme and colors confirmed. Let them know if you all will be shopping for it together or if they can shop on their own. 

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