What To Know About Having A Destination Wedding

 When we think of a destination wedding most thoughts go somewhere out of the country we already live in. But a destination wedding can be the next state over. There is a lot of planning that goes into a have a destination wedding but in the end it’s all worth it. If you are considering having a destination wedding here are some things you should keep in mind.

Not Everyone Will Be Able To Attend

Traveling can be hard on some guests for plenty of reasons so don’t expect all of your invited guests to attend. Taking time off from work, finding someone to watch their children, or maybe they just can’t afford it at the time are all obstacles they may come across. So if you want to make sure your favorite people are there on your big day perhaps a destination wedding isn’t the best choice. 

Look Up Marriage Laws In Location

Make sure where you are planning on having your destination wedding you can actually get married there. You might have to have a civil wedding in your home city and then travel abroad. You can of course have a more symbolic marriage abroad and a civil one in your home country. Just make sure you double check before booking everything. 

You Won’t Have Control Over Every Planning Detail

When having a destination wedding having a wedding planner is your best bet. They are going to be the ones having control over every detail that you won’t. Having a destination wedding means that you have to plan from afar and you might not even be able to meet some of your vendors in person. 

Honey Moon With Guests?

If you are planning on extending your stay at your wedding location for your honeymoon, you might be running into some of your wedding guests. Guests sometimes like to extend their stay when traveling for a wedding. It’s seen as a little get away and it's practical since they are already there. So if you want to avoid that consider having your honeymoon elsewhere. 

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