Can You Have An Outdoor Wedding In The Winter?

 The season you are choosing to get married in can have a big influence in your final venue choice. Not only with availability but functionality. When you think about a winter wedding you don't often think about having it outdoor. But can you have an outdoor winter wedding? The answer is yes! There are a few things to keep in mind of course but the short answer is yes. If you are curious as to what it takes to have a outdoor winter wedding, keep on reading. 

Partially Outside

We all know that temperatures drop significantly once the sun goes down, which means it can be harder to keep your guests warm. So think about having your ceremony outdoors and them moving everyone inside for the reception. That way you get the best of both worlds. 

Keep Your Guest Informed

It's very important you tell your guests the conditions in which the wedding will be taking place. If you know there will be snow tell them. That way they have the right shoes and the right outfit to keep warm. If you are having your winter wedding somewhere like southern California then temperature won't get too low. They will be okay with a light jacket. But please let them know ahead of time of the conditions, and that they will of course be outside for the wedding. 

Use Your Menu For Warmth

Other than the practical things like heaters and blankets to keep your guests warm use your wedding menu. Things like hot soup for starters and a hot chocolate bar will help keep your guests nice and warm. You can even have some DIY smores arounds fire pits to not only keep warm but have a sweet treat. 

Always Have Back Up Plan

You should always have a back up plan when it comes to the winter season. The weather can be unpredictable from rain to snow coming down, always be prepared. Talk about options incase of bad weather with your venue before you sign the contract. 

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