Tips For Choosing Your Bridesmaids

 When you start talking about who is going to be part of your wedding it may seem like it's an easy task. But that's not always the case. Some couples even choose to not have a wedding party because they don't want to exclude anyone. So how should you pick your bridesmaids? Here are some tips to help choose the right people for your wedding party. 

Asking Someone Who Asked You

If you were a bridesmaids in a previous wedding you might feel inclined to have them be part of your bridal crew. That doesn't have to happen. Don't think that you are now forced to have them be a part of your wedding. You of course should treat the situation with care and not be rude about it. Just explain that it was a tough decision and you of course are grateful to have been a part of their wedding. 

Having Time

Make sure you choose a bridesmaids that you know is going to have time to be able to do the wedding activities. That means going dress shopping, going on bachelorette trip, having or planning a bridal shower. Being a bridesmaid does come with some responsibility and needed time. So try to pick people that you know are going to be happy to allocate their time to your wedding. 

Think About Personalities

You are going to want to choose people who are going to get along with each other. If you know having certain people with each other is going to cause conflict you should avoid that. Also think about the individual personalities. Is this person good with having attention on them? Being part of a wedding does come with attention and some people aren't fans of that. 

Choosing Family Members

Having your family members in your bridal party may seem like a brainer and a great way to start making the list of who is going to be included. To others it can be a bit hard. Don't feel like you have to make someone a part of your wedding just because they are related to you. If you don't have a good relationship with them choosing a friend might be the best choice. Your bridal party should be full of supportive people who are the closest to you. 

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