Have A Second Bridal Look Without Going Over Your Budget

 In these modern days brides are going all out with their bridal looks and choosing to switch outfits from ceremony to reception. It allows you to have two different looks that can let you have two different aesthetics. It's also a great choice with you have big statement gown for your ceremony and want something much easier to move in for your reception. But how do you have two different looks without going over your budget? We have some ideas for you and know that it's very much possible. 


If you are contemplating having two different looks for your wedding but unsure how it can fit into your budget try renting your second look. Renting an outfit is perfect for your second look because it allows you to stay within your budget and still have an outfit change. You can have your dream dress for your ceremony and then slip into something more casual or fun for your second look. It can be a gown, a jumpsuit, or a matching set. You are going to probably use the outfit for that one night so why spend so much money on it to never wear it again? That's where renting comes in to help. It's going to be cheaper then buying the actual piece and allow you to try new designers you may not have thought of. 


Detachable items from dresses is a great way to switch up your look through out the day without breaking the bank. Having detachable sleeves or trains lets you transform you wedding dress into a completely knew style. You can have a long statement train for your walk down the aisle and just take it off to transform your dress into a sleek and more minimal style. You can even have detachable skirt that can go over pants or a fitted gown. Be sure to ask about detachable wedding gown parts when you start looking for your wedding gown. 


Shopping second hand for your bridal looks is a great way to save money and have a unique piece. You can also look for things like accessories that are going to transform your entire look. Thrifting for your pieces does take more time then just buying it from a regular retailer so make sure you start early. That way you'll have plenty of time to decide which item is the right one for your second look. 

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