How To Let Your Guests Know Your Wedding Is Adults Only

 A lot of couples choose to have no children at their wedding to have the freedom of making it just to their liking. But it also allows the guests to have a night to themselves without their children. It's a fun time for them to fully enjoy. So if you decided to not have children at your wedding you might be questioning how to let your guests know. Here are some tips to help you out. 

Announce It Early

It's important to let your guests know as soon as possible so that they can make any arrangements. This is especially helpful if it's going to involve long travel due to it being a destination wedding. It's going to really help out your guests and they will thank you for it. You can make the first announcement in your wedding website. 

Make Sure You Are Specific

Kids can sometimes be a broad term. If you are okay with older children like teens at your wedding make sure you specify that. Smaller children like toddlers and infants are completely different than having 18 year olds at your wedding. If there will be a flower girl but they are only able to attend for the ceremony make sure you let the parents know. 

Don't List Personal Reasons For Decision

When you let your guests know there will be no children allowed there is no need to get personal with it. Just get straight to the point and let them know. Having personal reasons involved could cause problems because your guests are going to think you are singling them out. 

Be Prepared To Some Push Back

Even after announcing it in your wedding website and invitation there is probably going to be some push back. Some guests are going to want to be the exception but just be polite and let know that it's not just them who can't bring their children. If they inform you that they won't be able to attend because of this, be respectful and let them know you will miss them there but understand. 

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