5 Simple Ways To Rock Something Blue On Your Wedding Day

We've already the phrase "something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue" before. What exactly does this refer to? This popular phrase was originated in a Victorian English rhyme and it is supposed to symbolize good luck. Incorporating these items are not necessary but they are a fun tradition to incorporate in your wedding. Just how does one incorporate something blue if that isn't in their color palette? No need to worry because today we will be going over some great ways to do so. 

1. Shoes

If blue isn't part of your wedding theme then most likely you are going to want to incorporate this tradition in a more subtle manner. Blue shoes are a perfect way to do this! We recommend like a light dusty blue color that way it doesn't stand out too much. Pick a shoe style that you are comfortable in because remember you are going to be in them from sun rise to sun set. 

2. Garter 

The ultimate discrete way to way blue on your wedding day would be wearing it on a garter. Pair it with beading or delicate lace and it is the perfect accessory.

3. Manicure

Most brides decide to go neutral for their mani on their wedding day but adding a pop of color can be a fine way to switch up the norm. Be as bold or as subtle as you want when choosing your shade of blue. 

4. Bridal Bouquet

Add sublet hints of blue in your bridal bouquet even if it's not part of your wedding colors. It is sure too add a nice pop to the overall look. 

5. Get Away Car

Incorporate something old and something blue in a vintage blue get away car. Get ready to ride off with your true love in a sporty and vintage way. 

Let us know how you are planning on incorporating something blue in your wedding and be sure to follow out social media keep up with bridal trends. 


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