8 Things To Do After Getting Engaged

You just said yes to your one love and now begins a new chapter in your love story! You are feeling over the moon and of course you want to shout it out to the world. What better way to do that then social media but you're going to want to hold off on that for a moment. Today we bring you some tips on what you can do now that you've got that ring on your finger.

1. Celebrate Together

Like mentioned before it is normal to want to share this big moment with the world but we would say hold off on it for a little bit. This is a big moment for you and your partner so celebrate it just you two for a moment. Some times proposals involve other family member or close friends in this case we still advice to take some time alone to soak in all the excitement just you two and then mingle and show off that ring.

2. Close Family & Friends

Now that you have had some time to alone it is time to let the world know! Of course telling close family and friends come first. We suggest doing some in person announcements but if it is not possible face timing and calling works great. 

3. Social Media

It's time to take the announcement to a larger scale and let the people of the web know you're engaged. Be sure to take it to social media when you are ready no need to rush. It can be a few weeks maybe even a month before you post anything especially if you don't frequently post. 

4. Party Plans?

Before you start the journey of wedding planning keep the engagement celebration by having an engagement party. This can of course be as big or small as you would like. A dinner with close friends and family is great. Be sure to take time before you start wedding planning to celebrate the engagement because sometime it just seems to fly by.

5. Let the Planning Begin- Budget

Now that you've settled in and were able to celebrate the exciting news it's time to take the first steps towards planning your dream wedding. One of the most important things to discuss when planning a wedding is the budget. It is one of the first things you should look over before anything else. This will map out what kind of wedding will be taking place. 

6. Wedding Date

Although it doesn't have to be finalized right away having your date set is also very important. It will lay out how much time you have available for picking a dress to what venues are available and so much more.  

7. Guest List

It is good to start discussing who will be invited and if there will be any plus one's. The guest list by no means has to be finalized just yet but do have in mind how many people you want to invite. This will also be included in your budget plans and help you pick the right venue.

8. Inspiration 

It's time to start thinking of what you want that special day to look like. It is great to look through the web and bridal magazines for inspiration on themes, decor, and what your bridal outfit will look like. Pinterest is great for gathering a lot of inspiration and storing it all in one place. Build your dreams wedding in one of your boards. 

This is such a fun and exiting time so make sure to not stress about wedding planning too much. In the end everything will come together perfectly and you get to live happily every after with your prince charming! For more bridal inspiration be sure to check out our social media platforms.

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