How to Accessorize For Your Bridal Look

Now that you've said yes to the dress it it time to complete your bridal look by adding accessories. These items are sure to take your bridal look to another level. We will be going over our top bridal accessories that will help you achieve your perfect bridal look.

Hair Accessories

Add a fun twist to a simple hairstyle! There are so many ways to dress up you hairstyle from hats to barrette. Here are some of our favorites.


Everyone deserves to feel like royalty on their big day and now you can with a bridal crown. If you are more of a relaxed boho bride a flower crown might be the one for you. If you want that elegant and regal look a more traditional crown might be more of you style. Either way you are sure to look amazing!


We had to include a classic bridal accessory, the veil. There are so many styles and lengths to choose from! Be sure to pick one you feel comfortable with. We personally love the look of a statement cathedral veil. 

Hair Pins/Pieces

Hair pins look gorgeous on any hairstyle from updo's to soft curls they are sure to compliment your look. You can be as bold or simple as you would like them to be. 


Having complimentary jewelry doesn't always have to make a statement. Simple dainty designs might work best for your look. 


Earrings are a great added pieces to your look even if they are just little studs. Long statement earnings pair well updo hairstyles and deep v necklines. While simple styles work with a more intricate dress design. Both look great in any close up photos that might be taken.


We love seeing dainty simple bracelets on brides. Find one that compliments you ring and now you are ready to show off that hand.

Dress Accessories

Want the cherry on top to complete your outfit? Then these accessories are the ones for you!


Beaded belts add the perfect touch of sparkle to your bridal look. They are also amazing for sinching in your waist and defining your curves. Looking to add a pop of color to your dress? Then this might be the perfect way. Rose gold beading adds the perfect soft look with out being too bold.


Jackets are not only practical but can add so much to your look. From delicate to more modern styles there is a bridal jacket that is perfect just for you. 

Mix and match any of these accessories to have your perfect bridal look! If you liked any of the veils, jackets, or belts shown be sure to visit our website fore more styles and information. As well as our social media platforms.


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