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Who doesn't love a good wedding sign!? They are great for decor and make amazing back drops for photos. Over the recent years there has been a trend of neon signs used in weddings. They are a great way to add a spark to your big day. There are so many customizations that can be done which adds to it's popularity at weddings. From fonts to different colors there are endless ways you can customize your sign. If you want to keep things classic stick to a simple sign. Pretty cursive font with a normal lighting color is the way go. Want to be bold? Use colorful lighting and modern fonts.

Today we bring you some tips on how you can incorporate this trend.


Show off that last name with your neon sign. Like mentioned before this makes for such a fun and cute back drop to all of the photos that are going to be taken that night. Customize it's surrounding props with items that fit your theme. 


Point your guests in the right direction with what other than a neon sign. Cheers to the newly weds and to this bright new trend. 


Are you having a hashtag for your wedding? Why not display it with a neon sign? Let your guests know what to tag their pictures with a fun and creative sign. 


Give that alter decor a modern and fun spin with this bright sign. Incorporating you vows here also makes it that much more special.


Light up the dance floor with this bright trend. The perfect way to dance into the night is under that neon light. 

What are your thoughts on this wedding trend? Would you like to incorporate it in your wedding? We think it's a fun and new way to add a personal touch to your magical day. It is also a perfect decor for your home even after the wedding is over. A great reminder of this magical time. 

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