Sweat Proof Makeup for Your Summer Wedding

Summer is the peak of wedding season but that also means it is one of the hottest times. Don't let the heat stop you from looking and feeling your best on your wedding day. Today we are here to deliver tips on how on how to keep your glam make up in place even when the temperature reaches those triple digits.

Primed & Ready 

Whether you are getting your make up professionally done or doing it yourself it is always important to use a primer that will hold your look in place. Like anything in life there has to be a good foundation to build upon to make sure everything else will stay locked in. There are so many primers to choose from so pick one according to your skin type. If you have dry skin try a moisturizing primer. If you want to minimize the appearance of your pore there is one for that too. This also goes for your eyeshadow looks. Be sure to use a eye shadow primer to make sure the color stays through out the day. Primer infused items such as blush and bronzer are also great to look into to ensure your glam holds up. 

Water Proof

Using products that are water proof are sure to stay on longer even when it feels like you are melting in the heat. Water proof mascara is a must! Not only to survive the heat but for any water works that might happen during this emotional day. Water proof eye liner is also a must have to avoid having that raccoon look by the end of the day.  Keep your eyebrows defined with a water proof pomade. There are waterproof foundations and canceler but they can be a bit drying sometimes so we say avoid these if you have dry skin. With a good primer your foundation is still going to stay put.

Set & Stay 

Now that you have perfected that base it's time to set everything in place. Use a powder to set you foundation in place. Pick from translucent powders or if your looking for a little more coverage try a tinted on. A new form of setting is called baking. In this method you use a heaver amount of powder on key areas you want to make sure stay put. You then sweep it off with a brush after a few moments. Setting sprays are also great to use once your make up look is done add the finishing mist of a setting spray and your make up can stay fresh for up to 16 hours. 

No Transfer

From eating that slice of wedding cake to toasting with champagne you are going to want to make sure your lipstick stays on as long as possible to avoid many touch ups. Try using a liquid lipstick. The formula drys down matte and is sure to stay on through your meal and drinks. Looking for something a little less intense? We suggest a lip stain. This gives you a natural flush of color to the lips but you can be less precise when applying it and also wears off unnoticeably. 

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