Which Wedding Veil Is The Right One For You?

Nothing says here comes the bride than wedding veil. So how do you choose the perfect veil? With so many options in veil styles and lengths how do you choose the perfect veil? 
Keep in mind it's all about how the veil will complements your personality and your wedding dress.  

From short to long veils, there are so many options available. Shorter veils consist of birdcage and blushers. Birdcage are more for eclectic personality and for a casual or retro wedding theme. It actually had its beginning in the 1940s, when fabrics were in short supply because of the wars.  These shorter veils allowed war time brides to still have something special to wear along with their best outfits.  

Blushers are the shorter veil, worn for its part in the wedding ceremony when the father lift the veil as a handing off gesture to the future husband or it can be lifted after the ceremony by the husband as a unity sign of a life together.  

The shorter veil or fascintor may be worn throughout the day as a part of your outfit, even during reception. Whereas longer veils are worn solely during the ceremony and taken off prior to the reception.  

Fingertip, chapel, cathedral are tried and true veil styles that have been the top choice for many brides.  Fingertip is one of most popular choices for brides, for it is flattering to most brides, giving the needed illusion without distracting from the beautiful bridal gown. They are called such because the veil fall to the length of the brides finger tips, approximately 36".  


For more dramatic appeal and for traditional setting, chapel length veils offer the full length coverage of the dress while extending about 6" to 12" pass the dress train.  Chapel veils are measured around 90" to 108" long.

As for cathedral length veil, heads were surely turned by Princess Diana's 72 feet cathedral veil. A royal fantasy we dare not try, but what we can do to feel as regal is with a cathedral length veil, measuring about 120" to 140".  Flowing way past the train of wedding dress, do these veil truly shine on its own. So no matter if you chose a shorter veil or a longer veil, remember it's your time to shine, so have fun with a veil that you adore. 


Tulle has reign as the top choice for contemporary wedding veils.  This synthetic fabric is loved for its lightness, semi-transparency and ethereal feel.  Tulle is also budget friendly and retains it shape better than natural fabric.  While lace, satin and cashmere work best as the styling and ornament of the veil.  Veils are also decorated with sequins and beading to complement the gown and add additional styling. 


We hope you were able to bring some inspiration to you and help you find your perfect veil. Be sure to follow our social media to stay up to date with bridal styles and trends. 

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