How To Prep For Your Engagement Photo Shoot

Now that you said yes it's time to start prepping for the big day and making the much anticipated announcements to friends and family. Along with this it is time to think about engagement photos. Although it is not necessary most couples choose to have engagement photos. Not only are they great for capturing beautiful memories these photos can also be used for your save the dates or invitations. It can also be great for you and you photographer to get familiar with each other. They can test out what angles work, learn what you like as a couple, and it is great to get a practice run for the big wedding day.

Before you start your photoshoot here are some tips on how to prep for your engagement shoot.


 Discuss with your partner where you both would like to have this photoshoot. There are so many options to choose from stick to something that is comfortable with you both. It should be a place that reflects both of your personalities. If you are adventurous perhaps an outdoors photoshoot is best. More of a home body? Having photos taken at your home reflects your cozy and indoor vibe. Perhaps it is a place that means a lot to you both? A first date location? Where you got engaged? These are all great options to keep in mind.


Your photoshoot outfit should reflect your normal style. You should wear something you are comfortable with. If you dresses aren't your cup of tea you probably shouldn't wear it for your photos although it may seem more formal. If you feel uncomfortable in your clothes it will show through in your pictures. If you picked up something new be sure to try it on a couple of time before the shoot. You might have loved it when you first bought it but later on it just doesn't seem right. This also applies to shoes you are planning on wearing. Keep in mind the location and be sure to break in the shoes before hand. You are not going to want to end up with blisters. A good option to choose is also to bring different outfits to switch from. 

Makeup and Hair

If you feel comfortable doing you own hair and makeup we say go for it! If you want to take the next step you can also go get them professionally done. This can also allow you to test out make up artist if you are planning to get your make up professionally done on your big day. Make up artist also know what looks photograph well so they will be able to help with perfecting that engagement glam. 


Most people don't spend a lot of time in front of the camera or are used to having photoshoots. It may feel a little awkward but try to keep the energy light and fun. It is good to have conversations like you normally would with your fiance and crack some jokes. It is totally fine to practice posing before the photos are taken. You and your partner can practice what feels natural or what you think will look best. Of course your photographer will help guide you when the day comes, but practicing also allows you to become more comfortable with posing. 


Having an idea of what you want you photos to look like is also a great way to prep. It is normal to have inspiration of some poses you might want to try out. Be sure to save some photos and show your photographer. Be sure to go with something that feels comfortable with you. You always want to stay true to you and your partner. 

Talk with Your Partner

Be sure to sit down and talk to your partner before the shoot to talk about what you both envision for the photos. Talk about what you both feel comfortable with when it comes to outfits, posing, and everything in between. 

We hope these tips will help you have an amazing engagement photoshoot! At the end of the day just remember to stay true to your self. This will make your confidence come through and make for great photos! 

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