Types of Photos You Need To Take On Your Wedding

Memories that will last a life time are meant to be photographed! Wedding photos are so special and we know that once the celebration is over you will be anxious to see even a sneak peak of them. To ensure you have the picture perfect memories captured be sure to specify any things you absolutely know you want to have to your photographer. Here are some of our top photo opportunities every couple needs captured.

Reactions At The Alter

Emotions are running high during this time and it is so lovely to be able to look back at that exact moment you both see each other at the alter. Both reactions should be photographed to represent the two narratives at this special time. 

Special Meaningful Details

All of that time taken to plan the perfect wedding would mean that of course you would want to look back on it. It is important to capture the special details that give the celebration that personal touch like perhaps earings that you wore that were passed down generations and so on. These personalizations in what made everything come together to make it that much more special, it will of course be great to look back on it. 

Special Moments with Parents

This is a special day for not only you and your fiance but your family as well. Capturing moments with your parents and fiances parents are so beautiful look back on in the future. From your father seeing you in your dress for the first time or your mother helping you get ready these are all sure to be treasured memories. 

Dancing the Night Away

Having candids are really great. Tangible items of just living in the moment and see your guest having a blast. Photos of the after party are perfect because most likely you wont have time to be photographed with everyone of your guest individually and this can make up for that. 

Remember that it is good to go over you plan of what you want photographed with your photographer. Make a list of these items and let us know if any of these make the cut. What are some other must have photo ideas you want to incorporate into your wedding shoot? 


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