Modern Alternatives for Wedding Cake

Are  you looking for the perfect alternative to wedding cakes? Whether you want to try something more unique or you aren't a fan of cake we've got your back. Make sure to let us know which you would choose and which dessert is your favorite. 

1. Cup Cakes

Have your cake and eat it too! Cup cakes are the best of both worlds for wedding cake alternatives. This perfect for those who can't give up that cake. It also allows you to have several cake flavor options for all your guests. 

2. Cookie Cake 

A cookie monsters favorite can be your favorite too! Choose your go to flavor or switch between different ones. Don't forget your glass of milk for this one. 

3. Donuts 

Donuts are becoming the hot trend for modern weddings over the past couple of years. It is easy to see why, they make the perfect cake fill in and also look great as decorations. 

4. Cheese Cake 

No this is quite the cheese cake you were thinking of. Skip the sweet and go for the savory if that is more you style. Pair this cake with crackers and delicate meat and you've got the perfect charcuterie board.


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