Creative Bar Ideas For Your Wedding

A bar at a wedding can easily be one of the most popular spots for everyone. Whether it is open bar or not it is sure to be a favorite. Since it will be a main attraction your going to want to make it pop! Here are a few creative bar ideas that are sure to make it memorable. 

Vintage Cool

Bring those cool home furnishings outdoors with this awesome vintage bar idea. This is a fun and interesting take on the normal bar areas. Visit your favorite antique or flea market to repurpose pieces into something new and wow worthy. 

Beer On Tap 

Nothing like a refreshing beer on a hot summers day. This self serving beer bar is sure to be a favorite amongst guests. Dress this bar up with beautiful greenery and your favorite beer flavors. 

Sipping Away 

A bar on wheels?! Well that's something you don't see often. A mobile bar is such a unique and creative way to serve your drinks. Mobile bars are becoming more and more popular amongst modern weddings be we are sure there is one near you. 

Electrifying Drinks

Dress up your bar with an awesome neon sign! The perfect way to include a modern trend at your wedding. 

Let us know which one of these caught your eye and if you would use it at your wedding? Be sure to follow our social media to keep up with all things bridal. 


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