Now Trending: Pampas Grass

Over the passed years a decor trend that has been stealing brides hearts is the famous Pampas grass. This beautiful wheat look alike can be used in so many ways and gives the perfect amount of texture to your decor with out being too bold and loud. Due to its larger size it work great for big decor pieces for that perfect boho touch. Dried florals look great amongst its wispy texture. Here are some ways you can incorporate it in your wedding.

The perfect way to spice up that wedding arch is with Pampas grass. Its large size makes it perfect to cover big decor pieces. That also means saving some money, a win win!

Is an alter wedding arch just not your style? Why not try something new with a pampas grass wall. It is the perfect back drop for those beautiful I Dos. 

Although pampas grass look beautiful in large scale decor it can also be perfect for dressing up your tables. Ditch the florals and try this new boho trend. 

Pampas grass can also be just what your bridal bouquet was in need of. You can try using dried florals and other dried plants to incorporate another recent trend that has been on the rise. The muted colors are sure to compliment each other. 

Make your way down that aisle as pampas grass guides you to the alter. It's fluffy texture and soft wheat color make it perfect for fall wedding decor. 

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