Weddings In The Age of Social Distancing

Each day is a new beginning and new day to learn about how we should go about navigating in this current situation. As time progresses and restrictions are lowered we will be sure to see a shift in the traditional wedding ceremonies. Social distancing is a major factor that will influence the way gatherings are held. 

By now you should be familiar with the phrase social distancing and just how important it is to keep. It is important we all take precautions and abide by what guidelines are used to insure our safety.  So just how can we incorporate them into a wedding and what make over are weddings going to get because of it?

Let's take a look a what we can expect from a Social Distance Wedding. 

Reduced Guest Count

You can definitely count on seeing smaller and more interment weddings. The rise of minimonies and microweddings are on the rise because of this. Having a smaller guest list doesn't mean you still can't have your dream wedding. Smaller number of guest allows you to have more time to spend with each one of your quests and be able to have more attention to detail in your wedding. It may be hard to not invite everyone you would have wanted to but it is understandable and we are sure people will be understanding. 

Precaution Implementations

Adding new precautionary acts should be taken and implemented in your wedding. From face masks to temperature checks it is just something that should be expected to see in future weddings. These are not only to ensure your safety but the safety of the guests. It is an extra step to show you care and are there to make them feel welcomed and safe. Be sure to talk about any thing you can do to help you guests feel at home if there is anything that they really want to see at the wedding. Perhaps more hand washing stations or sanitizer availability. 

Venue Locations

Out door weddings are sure to become more popular due to social distancing. Having wide open space allows you to space guests at the recommended safe distance. It also more space for the wedding design and floor plan. 

Seating Plans

Social distancing means guests can no longer sit closer than 6 feet near each other in tables and a table can not have more than 10 people at it. We can say good bye to long banquet tables and hello to smaller spread out table arrangements. This will also be used in the ceremony portion of the wedding. 

Food Served

We are sure to see a switch from self serve buffet styles to single served meals. Although it may be tempting for guests to be able to pick their own food in communal type eating having meals served allows for elaborate food presentation. This adds to the over all feel of attention to detail of the wedding. 

Multiple Celebrations

Celebrating such an big moment in your life with friends and family is so special and that is why people are choosing to have more than one celebration. Couple are choosing to get married by law and celebrate at a later time. 

There are plenty of ways to be safe and still be able to say I Do! Be sure to stick to what feels right with you and your guest while still following guideline. 


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