A Beauty Regime For Your Wedding

Every brides wants to look their best for their wedding day. From the hair down to the pedicure and everything in between. We've compiled some tips for you to start prepping for you wedding day when it comes to beauty. These tips are sure to have you glowing on your big day.

When Starting a new regimen is is good to start it with time in advance to your wedding day. You are not going to want to be experimenting with new items because you don't know how your body will react to certain products. Make sure to give yourself time any where from 1 year to 6 months before your wedding date.

Meeting with Dermatologist 

Having your skin look glowing and flawless is what everyone strives for their big day. Seeking professional help is great for achieving your desired skin rather than trying out products you may have seen and assessing your skin yourself. Your dermatologist is there to prescribe treatments that will work tailored to your skin and needs. Due to most treatments taking time effectively work we recommend see a dermatologist from 1 year to 6 months before its time for the big I Do.

Beauty From With In 

Sometime the outside is a reflection of how your body is working inside. Incorporating more fruits and veggies to your diet is sure to not only reflect on your skin but also on your over all well being. If you wake up with a puffy face try incorporating turmeric lattes instead of your regular cup of coffee. Turmeric has anti inflammatory properties that can be soothing. Don't like eating your greens? Try juicing them or making them into a smoothie. Add fruits to give it a natural sweet flavor. Please remember to stay hydrated. Your body is made up of mostly water so it of course needs water to function properly. Try adding fruit or lemon to give it a splash of flavor. These habits don't happen over night so give yourself time. We recommend starting this 8 months before the wedding date.

Bathing Routine

While we have gone over taking care of our facial appearance lets talk about glowing skin every where else. It all starts in the shower. Using gentle and hydrating body wash is key to keeping you skin looking radiant and healthy. We also recommend exfoliating at least once a weeks to get rid of dead skin. That maybe from a scrub or a brush. Follow with a hydrating lotion and you're set.
Allow your self 6 months of starting this routine.

Hair Washing 

Apart from glowing skin those locks deserve to look fabulous as well to complete the look. Taking care of you hair will be rewarding in the long run. If you hair is feeling dry and unhealthy consider how many time you are washing it? Something over dying occurs due to over washing hair. Try skipping a day to let its natural oils be able to come through. We recommend trying this 4 months before the wedding.

Styling Hair

Do you have frizzy unruly hair? You might consider using a keratin treatment. This is sure to give you a sleek and shiny hair style that is sure to look fabulous on your big day. Since there are so many different treatments to choose from we recommend talking to your hairstylist to see which works best for your hair. Give yourself time to find the right one for you. Allow at least 6 months prior to the wedding to find the right fit.

Deep Condition 

Incorporating a hair mask into your routine can do wonders to your hair. There are so many out there to try depending on what you need it to do. From scalp care down to the spit ends there is something for everyone. Doing this once or twice a week is sure to help get your hair in the right direction. Start this process about 3 months before the magical day.

My Shiny Teeth and Me

Get your smile camera ready by brightening that smile. Whether it be professional whiting or an at home kit invest in those pearly whites. Be sure to pick one that aligns with your personal needs. If you suffer from sensitive teeth some whiting products may not be for you and you might want to choose a more natural route. Give yourself 2 months to go about this change.

Make Up

It's time to get your makeup look fine tuned. Once you have your inspiration set up an appointment with you make up artist to practice that look. This is a great idea because although that makeup might look great in picture you might end up not being the right look. By knowing what works and what doesn't your make up artist can refine the look perfect for your big day. Be sure to do this at least a month in advance.

Eyelash Extensions

This process goes hand in hand with refining your makeup look. Eyelash extensions are great alternative to mascara and false eyelashes because you don't run the risk of them slipping off during the water works. If you are planning on getting them do it a month prior to your wedding and prior to meeting with your make up artist.

Last Minute Touch Ups

The last few weeks leading up to the wedding is when everything starts coming together. Avoid switching products to because new things may cause unexpected irritations or other problems. Try to avoid alcohol salty foods to minimize bloating. Give your hand some extra love by booking you manicure as well as pedicure. Be sure to get good sleep to feel well rested for the main event. Most of all just try to relax and enjoy these pampering moments because although they are meant to help you achieve a look for your wedding they are also fun and nice treats for yourself.

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