6 Tips To Incorporate On Your Wedding Journey

Who doesn't want to be in great shape and look their best on their wedding day?  Looking great and feeling even better is the way to go any day!

Formula for Success:

1.Exercise - 
Consistency is the key to success, but just can't find time for that Zumba class, no worries because even small amount of daily stretching and walking could elevate the quality of your health in the long run. Aim for a consistent exercise routine that incorporates cardio and weight resistance.  Make some Me Time with evening walks after dinner to clear the mind and the day's trouble. 

2.Eat a balanced diet -
You are what you eat. With the many array of popular diet plans these days, it's hard to pin point which one is the best for you.  Whichever one you decide on, do make a life time of good health choices with lean meats, good fats, whole grains, fresh vegetables and seasonal fruits.  

3.Stay hydrated - 
Can't emphasis enough how important consuming enough water throughout the day is for good health, shiny hair and bright eyes.  Roughly eight classes of water a day should be our goal. Can't take the blandness of water, then squirt some lemon juice or infuse it with fruit for a refreshing refreshment anytime of the day. Surgery drinks and juices doesn't cut it. Surprisingly to some, coffee and tea doesn't count either because of their diuretic property.  So drink up, water that is, like your life depends on it!

4.Good mood - 
Did you know that when our body is low in magnesium, it can make us moody and irritable.  So take in that long over due Epsom salt bath and let your skin absorb what it can of this trace mineral. And besides, what's not to love sitting in a warm drawn bath with a few drops of lavender essential oil. Step in and feel the warmth surround you and be on the way to feeling relaxed and rested.  

5.Social circle - 
Laughter is like massage for your insides.  It's well noted, that those with strong social circles have a better quality of life and less chance of depression.  Being alone is fine, but being lonely for long periods of time is not so okay.  So open up, reach out and get together with friends and family, there's strength in unity!

6.Volunteer work - 
The more you give, the more you receive, this tried and true saying is like magic to the soul!  We may all have thoughts to help out, but actual volunteer work is not easy to get started.  There are so many obstacles for us not to step out of our comfort zone, but did you know that someone out there needs someone like you in their lives. 


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