How To Choose A Color For For Your Bridesmaids Dresses

 Traditionally, bridesmaids were dressed in identical dresses and color of dresses. It gives a cohesive look and all bridesmaids are made to look equal. Now a days traditions are changing and brides are changing up the look of their bridesmaids outfits. Different silhouettes and patterns are being mixed and matched to create a more personalized style. Non the less you still have to choose a color or color scheme that your bridesmaids will be rocking. Here are some ways to determine which color would be best suited. 

Look Towards Your Wedding Theme

Draw inspiration from your wedding theme to find the perfect color dresses. If you are going with a boho theme look towards warm colors like rust, brown, even mustard yellow. These will compliment your theme and give a uniform look so they don't look out of place. 

The Season Of Your Wedding

The wedding season can also be a big influence on what color bridesmaids dresses you may choose. For a summer wedding we typically see bright and bold colors. For spring pastels are the popular palette to choose from. Choosing colors that are in season brings your wedding to life and is going to look amazing. 

Flattering Palette

All of your bridesmaids don't have to wear the exact same shade of a color. You can make their looks more modern and let each person choose a shade of a color to wear. This is going to allow them to pick a gown that compliments their tone and their style. For example you can choose blue as the bridesmaids color. One can wear a navy blue another a sky blue and so on. It's still going to look cohesive but me more individually curated. 

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