Nontraditional Wedding Reception Ideas

  Every year we see some pretty amazing changes that couples make in order to have a more personal wedding. Moving away form traditional receptions can be a great way to save money and be a little adventurous. It also lets you be more comfortable on your own wedding day because you are catering it to fit into your style. Here are some modern wedding reception ideas to consider when planning yours. 

Movie Time

Turn your wedding day into a movie night. There is nothing better than your favorite film, drink, and popcorn. It makes for a relaxing and memorable night. This is perfect for guests of any ages. Depending on what movie you choose. You can even have cozy sweats your guests can change into to really get in the spirit. 


Combining brunch and weddings are a match made in heaven. You can plan to have an early ceremony to have brunch after or you can even choose to have it the next day. Brunch is a great way to spend extra time with guests and celebrate all together. 

Cozy Up

End the night with a warm bonfire and some good food. A bonfire and food trucks are a great way to celebrate. This would be amazing for fall weddings. You can even provide some blankets for your guests to get cozy. Of course you can't forget about the s'mores. 

Early Honeymoon

You can even skip the reception entirely. There is no set rules on what you have to do for your wedding. If you are looking on saving money then this would be a great idea. Instead of the after party you can get an early start on your honeymoon. Receptions are the most expensive part of a wedding so why not use that towards an amazing honeymoon. 

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