Thanksgiving Inspired Wedding Ideas

 Having a Thanksgiving inspired wedding theme is a great choice. It allows you to share the love you have for your loved ones and partner. This is also great if you're having a fall wedding. It adds that cozy touch on a chilly autumn day. Here are some thanksgiving inspired wedding ideas to make your day even more special. 

Comfort Food

On Thanksgiving day it's all about the food. Get inspired by some thanksgiving classic dish to serve on your wedding day. That can mean having some turkey instead of the typical chicken and beef dishes served in weddings. Add a casserole for that homey touch. Your guests are sure to love it.

Pie Instead Of Cake

When it comes to thanksgiving pies are the main dessert. From pumpkin pie to pecan pie. Why not bring that element to your wedding by replacing your wedding cake with pie. This also works perfectly if you aren't a big fan of cake. Each tier can be a different type of pie so everyone can have something they like. 

Giving Thanks

If you are having a smaller more intimate wedding let your guests share what they are thankful on that day. They can go around saying one thing or you can have cards they can fill out that you can later keep as a reminder of the big day. This is going to give a really special touch to your wedding. 

Pumpkin Decor

Who said that pumpkin decor is only used for Halloween inspired weddings. Pumpkins are a big part of autumn holidays including Thanksgiving. They will make for great decorations. From your center pieces to your wedding altar. Make sure you include them in your wedding. 

Farm Tables

Have a family style dinner with long farm house table for your guests to sit at. It gives that same effect as having Thanksgiving dinner with your loved ones at home. 

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