Which Type Of Wedding Is Best Suited For You?

 Each wedding is a unique day for couples to show off their love and celebrate with close friends and family. Although each wedding day is unique and tailored for a couple there are a few concepts that are very popular. These concepts focus on the overall type of wedding you are thinking of having. Some are a better fit for certain couples. Before you start viewing venues and decor shopping it's important to decide what kind of wedding you're going to have. Here are some of the most popular and what couples would best be suited for each. 

The Destination Wedding

A destination wedding doesn't have to be too far away from where the couple lives. It just has to be a different place. It could be in the next state over or in a different country. Both would be considered destination weddings. If the couple has a love for travel then this type of wedding would be the best choice. It's a great way to explore a new location or share a special destination with your loved ones. If couples also love to host and want to have a wedding weekend full of activities this is also a great match. 

The Small Wedding 

Having a small wedding is when couple have about 30 to 60 guests. This wedding is for the couples really close friends and family. It's an intimate setting which makes it so special. A small wedding is great for couples who are more introverted. If they don't like the thought of getting married to a large crowd a small wedding is the way to go. Small weddings are usual single day events so couples don't have to plan other activities around the big day. It can happen on a weekday or weekend. 

The Elopement

An elopement is an even smaller sized wedding than a small wedding. This is a very intimate wedding where it's usually just the couple and the officiate. Sometimes there will be one or two witnesses. It's great for couples who want something very simple and focused on the union. This may also be the right fit for the adventurous couple who are looking for a more modern take on a wedding. Of course if the couple is not one to love the spotlight then an elopement would be the perfect fit. 

The Traditional Wedding 

Although a traditional wedding will look a bit different in each culture and religion it all follows just about the same format. The means a ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception. The couple plans a service of their religious choosing and exchange vows. Once that is concluded the it's time for the reception. This type of wedding is great for couples who grew up in a traditional family. They hold tradition in their core values. It's about embracing their culture and religious beliefs. 

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