What To Know About Wedding Dress Bustles

 To bustle or not to bustle? That is the question you will be facing when you say yes to the dress. But you might be wonder what exactly is a bustle? A wedding dress bustle are hooks or buttons that are used to pin the train of the gown to the back of the skirt. A bustle will allow you to move more freely and brides often opt for it for when it's reception time. Before you decide if you need a bustle for your wedding dress here are some things you should know. 

Several Different Styles

If you think you don't like the look of it with your gown rest a sure there is more than one type of bustle. There is the over bustle which is the most common, the french bustle, the ball room bustle and so on. Each has a unique way of pinning the train so you can choose one that you think looks best with your gown. 

Make Sure Someone Can Help You Bustle Your Gown

When it comes down to putting your dress in your bustle you will need some assistance. So it's very important you have someone at your wedding that knows how to bustle your gown. Make sure you pick one person in charge of this and have them come to your fitting so they may learn form the experts. This is going to make sure your dress is secure and no tares or anything happens to the gown. 

Accidents Can Happen

No matter how careful your seamstress can be in adding the bustle sometimes they can break. Some wedding gowns can be extremely heavy which can cause the stitching to rip. So you can have some things handy like safety pins or a needle and thread so you can put it together incase it this does happen. 

Budget For It

Adding a bustle to your dress doesn't come at a free cost. The price will depend on the type of bustle you need. It can cost you from $75 to $250. So make sure you add that into your wedding dress budget to not be surprised when it all adds up. 

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