Tips On Wearing A Strapless Wedding Gown

 When you are shopping for your perfect wedding gown there's a lot of things to consider. Do you want a high neckline? An open back? Straps or no straps? A strapless wedding gown is elegant with a touch of allure. It gives a very delicate feminine look to any bridal style. With that also comes the worry that brides face when deciding to wear a strapless gown or not. Will the gown stay put? You may not have the support of straps but a strapless gown can most definitely stay up and you won't have to hold it throughout the day. We have some tips ready for you if you decide that this style is the one for you. 

Alterations Are Key

In order to make sure you won't have to be tugging on your gown and holding it up through out the day you must get it fitted onto you perfectly. Alterations are going to be the key component for this. Make sure when you start your alterations you bring the undergarments your going to wear for your wedding day so they can correctly measure your bust. If it is too loose you will have problems with your gown staying up so just keep that in mind. 

Consider Adding Boning 

Having boning to form a corset style to your gown is going to add a lot of support. The structure is going to make sure that the top of the gown stays in place. Meaning you don't have to worry about your gown falling down when you hug and greet your guests. You can look for a gown that already has this built in or talk to your tailor about adding some in. 

Have An Emergency Kit

If for any reason you find that on the day of your wedding the dress isn't fitting as good as before, have an emergency kit handy that can help. Things like safety pins can help pin the waist for a tighter fit that's going to help keep your dress secure. You might even want some double sided tape to make it stick. 

Use It For One Of Your Looks

If you feel like you are still going to be worried about the gown why not try having two different looks. You can walk down the aisle in a strapless gown but be out on the dance floor wearing something with more support. At the end of the day make sure you feel your best and comfortable in what you wear. It's going to ensure you have a great wedding. 

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