Winter Bridal Accessories That Are Stylish & Practical

 Bridal accessories are not only there for look but can also be practical. This is ever so true when it comes to fall and winter brides. You can use accessories to keep warm and elevate your bridal look all at the same time. Here are some of our favorite accessories to consider for your winter bridal look. 

Bridal Cape

A bridal cape is a great way to stay warm and an alternative to wearing a bridal jacket. It would also help keep you extra warm because it would cover you more than a jacket would. Look for thicker fabrics if you are going to have your wedding in very cold location look for thicker cape fabrics like faux fur. 

Close Toe Shoes

When picking your bridal shoes make sure you know your terrain from your venue. If you are having your ceremony outside in snow make sure you wear shoes that will keep you warm and safe in the snow. Look for boots with a low or no heel. They will still look amazing and be practical. 

Stylish Gloves

Gloves are now trending and they not only look amazing but can work to keep your hands warm. If you extra warmth opt for long gloves that go passed your elbows. If it doesn't get very cold at your wedding location you can choose smaller gloves that top at the wrist. 

Silver Jewelry

If you aren't sure what kind of jewelry you want to wear for your winter wedding, consider going for silver pieces. These will glisten like snow on a winter day. You can even use winter theme jewelry like snowflake designs. 

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