What You Should Bring For Your Wedding Dress Alterations

 Wedding dress alterations are one of the most important things that you will need to ensure your dress looks perfect. Alterations are going to make sure your strapless dress stays up the whole night and the length of the gown is just right to avoid any slips. So when it's time to start the alterations do you need to bring anything with you? The answer is yes. There are some things that are going to help get the measurements right and have the overall alterations perfect. 

Your Wedding Shoes

You should have your shoes with you when they are going to get your alterations because they are going to help determine where the hem of the gown should end. If you're going to wear five inch heels your alterations has to take that into account to know how long your gown will fall. If you are going to be wearing flats than your dress would be too long if it's measure for heels. So make sure you have your pair with you for the perfect fit. 


Having your undergarments with you will help determine the measurements for your bust. If you are planning on wearing a push up bra its going to have different padding than wearing no bra. So it might not fit with the bra because it would be too tight. 


Your accessories are going to help you bring the look to life. It might also influence how you want a neckline to look. You may want to get it altered based on your necklace if it's a big part of your look. 

Not Too Many Friends

When you went shopping your probably brought a group of your close friends and family but for alterations its a bit different. You don't have to bring a big group you can go bring someone you're close to like your mom or sister. They are going to act like your other set of eyes and help point out things that need to be more fitted on your dress. 

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