Things To Avoid Doing Right Before Your Wedding Day

 The countdown to the big day is fast approaching and you might be rushing to make sure everything is perfect. Although your checklist might be long there are some things you should definitely make sure you don't cross off. There are a few things that shouldn't be left for the last minute because it can impact your wedding day in a not so positive way. Here are somethings to avoid before the big day. 

Trying New Skin Care

Make sure your have a skincare routine you have been working on for at least a few months and stick to it. Trying new products can irritate your skin and even cause breakouts. You don't want your skin to freak out right before your big day. 

Pulling All Nighters

You are going to need your beauty rest not only to look your best but also feel it. Having proper sleep may seem impossible with any nervousness or stress. Make sure you have a bed time routine that is going to help promote great sleep. So avoid staying on your phone for too long before bed. Get a sleeping eye mask if you're light sensitive. What ever you feel may help try it out. 

A New Work Out

Have your work out regime in tact and make sure you avoid trying something new. Pulling a muscle is not going to be fun on your wedding day. It can take weeks for it to heel. You don't want to have to deal with that when on the dance floor. 

Too Much Alcohol

With many celebrations like rehearsal dinner and bridal showers having some drinks to celebrate is common. However you are going to want to make sure you watch your alcohol intake with the days leading up to the wedding. Alcohol can make you look and feel bloated. It can also cause your blood vessels to dilate which can compromise your wedding photos. 

Drastic Hair Cuts

You might get the sudden impulse to get bangs or chop off your hair. This can come from different places but make sure you really sit and think about a drastic hair cut. By this time you have already worked with your hair stylist for the perfect do. Having a drastic haircut can really affect it. And you would be starting from ground zero again. 

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