Long Sleeve Styles To Consider for A Fall/Winter Wedding Dress

 A dress with long sleeves has certain elegance that can't be found in other dresses. They are also great if you're getting married in the colder seasons. You can have long sleeves full of details or just simple. It all depends on your style. We have some inspiration that you should consider when wedding dress shopping. With FioreCouture you can customize your wedding dress to add long sleeves or even change the existing sleeves. Let us know which design stood out to you the most. 

Beaded Long Sleeves

If you love details and glamour then beaded long sleeves would be the perfect match for you. Illusion sleeves with beading takes any gown to the next level. If you love one of your beaded wedding dresses we offer custom designs that will add long sleeves with matching beading that correlates to the rest of the gown. This style would be good for fall weddings where the temperature isn't too cold since there is still illusion. 

Illusion With Lace

A more romantic route you can take with long sleeves is illusion sleeves adorned with lace. You can add a little or as much lace as you wish. With minimal lace it gives that tattoo sleeve look. It's also great for warmer weather because it's not as heavy and more breathable. If you choose to have more lace to cover it's going to really bring that wow factor. 

All Lace

If  you are looking for a more classic style than an all lace long sleeve maybe the right fit for you. You can even add a bell sleeve at the end for a more boho and retro feel. This design would be great for weather that comes with a bit more of a chill. The fabric is going to be thinker than illusion. 

All Illusion

Even if you are having a fall wedding sometimes you don't need a thick long sleeve because the weather just may not call for it. If you still want the look of long sleeves without the warmth then all illusion sleeves are the way to go. The minimal style can compliment a very details dress. You can also add button details at the end or choose to go with a more balloon design for a more vintage touch. 

Fully Covered 

For the colder fall and winter days a full covered sleeve is the way to go. Not only is it practical but it also looks so beautiful. You can have the fabric match the rest of your dress. Whether that's silk, crepe, or even velvet it's going to help keep you warm. 

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