Wedding Dress Terms To Be Familiar With

 When you start shopping and looking into wedding dress there are some terms you are going to see that may not seem so familiar. Some of these terms aren't used on your day to day basis and getting familiar with them will help search for inspiration. As well as understand what style it is your are looking for when walking into the bridal store. Here are some terms to know to help your wedding dress journey. 


Your wedding dress silhouette refers to the overall shape and structure of the gown. There are several silhouettes line A-line and ball gown. It's important to know which silhouette you would like to try on and which will flatter you the most. 


The bodice of the gown is going to be the top part of the dress. It covers your neck down to your waist. So if you want to add something like lace to this portion of the gown it would be known as the bodice. 


Boning can give structure and shape to the bodice. We typically see boning in things like corsets. They are sturdy but flexible rods.


A wedding dress bustle is a type of hook or button that allows the train to attach to the back of the gown. It's great to have if you have a long train because it give brides more mobility. 


The wedding dress train is the back side of the skirt. It is the long portion that trails behind the bride. There are several different lengths that a train can be depending on how much of dramatic look brides will want. 

Sample Sizes

A wedding dress sample is essentially the floor model that a wedding dress store will keep for brides to try on and later the actual wedding gown will be ordered. Sample sizes refer to the sizing of gowns the samples come in. Typically that will be 10 and 12. Plus size stores will carry larger sample sizes. 


Alterations refers to changes that a tailor or seamstress does to make sure the gown fits properly on the bride. This can include shortening the hem, taking in the bust, and adjusting straps. 

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