How To Deal With Late RSVP's

 It may seem like wedding RSVPs don't mean a lot and that couples should already know their guest is attending. That is not the case at all. Sending in your RSVP is very important. It allows the couple to know how much food will be actually used. It's also great to let them know if there are any allergies they should look out for. So how do you deal with people who don't RSVP. Here are a few tips. 

Give Yourself Time

In order to avoid people not responding to the RSVP and not feeling rushed, send out the invitation with plenty of time. Give yourself at least two weeks between your RSVP cut off and the time you have to submit the guest count to your caterer. This is going to minimize having to hunt people down by their lack of response. 

Send Out A Mass Email

Make note of those who have not responded and you can first send out a mass email. This can be one of the first tries in rounding up those who may have forgotten to respond or maybe their invitation got lost in the mail. Make sure you sound polite have a neutral tone. 

Using Your Wedding Party 

It can be intimidating having to reach out to people and asking them if they will attend and if they can RSVP. This is very true especially if you aren't a confrontational person. You can also ask your maid of honor or even your partner to do this. They can send a text or even phone them. 

Don't Feel Guilty

It's important not to feel like you're overstepping by reaching out to your invitees and asking if they are attending. You need a number of guests and people should be respectful of this. The key is too also be polite when confronting them. 

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