How To Get Your Guests On The Dance Floor

 When people think about their wedding or even a party being a success they envision all their guests on the dance floor enjoying themselves. This is a sign that everyone is having a great time. It's also a fun time that couples get to share with their loved ones. Spending that time dancing the night away. So how does one get their guests on the dance floor. Here are some tips to help you. 

Be On The Dance Floor

The married couple are the ones who set the tone of the wedding. So if your guests see you having a blast on the dance floor then they will come join. Make sure you spend plenty of time on the dance floor. 

Group Dances

Have songs playing where most people can come together to do line dancing. Classics can very from different people but just play something you know people will be able to join. Even little ones can get on the dance floor like this. 

Create An Ambiance

Make the dance floor a fun environment by making it inviting and fun. Dim the light and put on some fun strobe lights. You might even want to opt for a big disco ball in the center. You can even pass out glow in the dark sticks or fun props your guests can use. 

Surprise Entertainer

You can also add a surprise entertainer to appear. It can be a band or even dancers that can join in with your guests. It can also be celebrity impersonators. Just something to get your guest hyped up and heading to the dance floor. 

Have Danceable Music

This may sound like a no brainer but sometimes it doesn't always happen. Make sure you have music playing that your guests will actually want to dance too. Have a good mixture for all ages. You can play certain music for your older guests and as they depart later in the night you can play something for the younger crowd. 

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