Bridal Inspiration For A New Years Eve Wedding

 Having a New Years Eve wedding is the perfect way to start the new year. It's a fresh new chapter full of excitement and love. But what would you wear for this day. No need to worry because we have some great ideas that will look amazing for your New Years Eve wedding. 

Try A Gold Or Champaign Wedding Dress

Instead of the typical white wedding dress go for something different. Gold is always a popular color for new years eve celebration so why not incorporate that into your wedding dress. If you still want a white dress and want to make the gold pop more make the detailing gold. It's going to look amazing. 

Bring On All The Sparkle

When it comes to new years it's all about the bling. Look for a wedding gown with sequins and beading to have you shining like the ball that drops in New York City. It's the perfect way to say I Do.


Have A Fun Second Look

If you want to keep the ceremony more traditional opt for an over the top second look. You can go as big as you want with all the sparkle and cheesy new years accessories. So you really get the best of both worlds.

Glitter Eyeshadow

Bring the sparkle to your eyes as you watch the new year roll in. It's going to compliment the sparkle on your wedding gown. It's also going to photograph beautifully in low light. 

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