What To Know About Having Sparklers At Your Wedding

 One of the biggest trends in modern weddings are sparklers and having a sparkler filled exit. They look amazing in person and in photos. It's easy to see why couples love them so much. They add so much fun and give a magic touch to the end of every wedding. But before you decide to have a sparkler filled exit there are few things you should know before hand. 

Use A Spacious Area

In order to have a safe and beautiful sparkler exit make sure you have this event in a spacious area. When you are choosing a venue look for areas that would be great fit for this exit. Make sure your guests are going to have enough room between them to hold the sparkler. Also be mindful of being outdoors and lighting sparklers in dry wildlife. 

Ask Your Wedding Venue

When viewing your wedding venue make sure you ask if sparklers are allowed on the property. Some venues and even cities don't allow any fireworks. You can then ask about which location on the property would be work best for this to take place. 

Fill In Your Vendors

Make sure you inform your vendors that the sparkler send off is going to take place. Most importantly give notice in advance to your photographer/videographer so they capture this beautiful moment.  You can also let your DJ know so they are able to make an announcement. You can even let your wedding party know so they are able to get everyone in certain formation if wanted. 

How Many Sparklers Needed?

In order to calculate how many sparklers needed look towards you guest count. You should also think about the type of sparkles you will be using. For longer sparklers each person should get one sparkler. For shorter ones you can give your guests two. To make sure everyone gets one you can purchase extra. Look for 15 to 20 percent of your guest count to see how many extra you should purchase. 

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