What We Expect To See Less In Weddings For 2024

 The New Year is practically here. New trends are emerging in the world of weddings and somethings are getting left behind. What are some of those things? We are here to share with you some things we can expect to see less in the new year. So if you are are 2024 bride take this as inspiration and let us know what you think. 

Large Bridal Parties

Couples are shifting to weddings that have a smaller guest count so bridal parties are going to reflect that. It's about having the people you care about the most there on your big day. Having a smaller bridal party makes it easier to have that quality time with each one of them. It's also easier to work with when it comes to pictures and picking out dresses. 

Cake Cutting

This has been a tradition that has be declining in the passed years. Not everyone is a fan of cake so couples are incorporating their own spin on it. You can use a fun alternative with donuts, cupcakes, even having a champagne tower instead. Choose something that fits in more with your style. You can make traditions of your own and make your wedding more personal.

Sticking With Traditions

In this modern age couples are creating their own traditions and making their wedding day much more personal. That can mean skipping cake cutting, getting rid of the garter toss, or even having private vows. We love seeing couples make their wedding day special to their love and we can expect to see more of it in the new year. 

Overly Staged Photos

Having very curated photos can sometimes take away from the authenticity of feel of the wedding. That's why couples are leaving this behind and choosing to go more candid. There maybe a few photos where they are posed but couples love to relive the real moments of their wedding. Thats why some even have disposable cameras their guests can use to capture moments themselves. 

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