Winter Wedding Cake Ideas

 Bring a touch of the winter season to your wedding cake with these fun ideas. No matter what theme you are going with, incorporating your season is always a good idea. It makes any wedding more cohesive and adds elegance. Here are a few wedding cake ideas for those tying the knot in winter. 

Layer Of Red

The color red is very poplar this year and season. We see it in Christmas decor and in beautiful season florals. Add a dash of color to your wedding cake by making one of the layers red. It adds just the right amount of color while not being too abrasive. 

Add Fairy Lights 

Fairy lights will always bring that magic feeling to any wedding. Why not bring that to your wedding cake? You can add transparent layers to your cake and use fairy lights in them or wrap them around the base of the cake. They will both look amazing. 

Knitted Design

A knitted sweater is a must for the winter season. It keeps you warm and also look cozy. You can add that same design to your wedding cake. 


If you are having a wedding on New Years Eve or near New Years add sparklers to your wedding cake. It's perfect for the countdown cake cutting moment. It is also great just perfect for a statement. 

Tree Decor

Add a winter touch to your wedding cake with pine tree decor. You can have them in a painted design for a more modern look. You can also have then added with normal pipping design. 

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