How Social Media Can Help You Find Your Dream Wedding Dress

 In this modern age social media is no longer just for you to follow your close friends and keep up with their lives. There are so many ways you can use social media platforms. That may even include how you plan your wedding. Weddings are shared all over social media that can be used as inspiration and just to share an amazing day. We have some tips on how it can help you find your wedding dress as well. Keep on reading to find out. 

Research Bridal Stores

Your bridal store you are thinking of visiting probably has a social media page you can check out before your head in. Take a look at what styles they carry and even see real bridal reviews. This can help you decide if it's worth booking the appointments. It's sure to also have more information about certain events and sales they host. 

Trunk Show Information

Social media is where bridal stores and designers themselves post about up coming trunk shows. Trunks shows are great events to attend. The designer brings more of their collection to a store and sometimes even attends the event themselves. Trunks shows are also great for finding a great price on wedding gowns. Sometimes there are special offers available for those who attend. So keep an eye out for when they are coming to a shop near you. 

Brides Sharing Tips

If you are interested in a particular gown you can look up the gown on social media platforms and you can come across brides talking about their experience wearing it. These tips can come in handy to help you decide if it's something you want to purchase. They might even make recommendations of what to wear under the certain gown. It allows you to connect and get real bridal insight. 

Locating The Dress

If you follow your favorite designer on social media and are interested in a gown, you can reach out to them to see where they would sell this gown. They would be able to locate a store near you where they carry their collection. This makes wedding shopping much easier and less time consuming.

Do Be Realistic

It's important to take note that not everything you see posted on social media can be true so just be mindful of that. Don't go for a wedding gown just because you favorite influencer wore it or because it might be trending. Use social media as a tool to help find a gown that is perfect for your own personal style.  

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