Nail Inspiration For Your Winter Wedding

 Choosing a unique and fun nail moment brings a different touch to your bridal look. You can go for classic like nude, white, even a french tip. These will go great with any bridal look but if you want something more unique we have some great ideas for you. Take a look at this inspiration and let us know which is your favorite. 

Red French Tip

Bring a Christmas look to your bridal outfit in a minimal way with a twist on the classic french tip. Add red to the french tip instead of the classic white. This small little change adds a fun and festive look. 


Metallic colors are a popular look during the winter season. From silver to gold we see them in decorations for the Holidays. They can be a great addition to your nail design. Go for full coverage of metallic colors or just small sprinkles

Small Snowflakes

What says winter more than adding snowflakes to your wedding nails. You can choose one accent nail to add it too if you want a more minimal and neutral style. 

Bow Design

Bows are very big this season. They are everywhere and add such a cute addition to any look. Adding them to your nail design gives it that extra pop. It will go great for a romantic look. 

Chrome Nails

If you want a metallic look with a different flare than chrome nails might be for you. This affect can be done with any color so choose a winter hade you love. 

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