Winter Bridal Hairstyles

 When choosing your bridal hairstyle it's always important to keep in mind the season you're having your wedding in. Whether you need it to keep you cool or even add some warmth. As we enter the winter season let's take a look at some bridal hairstyle you can use for your winter wedding. 

Polished Up Do

You might think an up do is the perfect match for a summer wedding but it also works quite well with a winter wedding. Up do's are great if you want to wear a high neckline gown for extra warmth or even a coat. It's going to show off your neckline and make sure your coat doesn't ruin your hairstyle if you were to have worn it down. 

Add The Sparkle 

With winter comes holiday season which brings all the sparkle. Glitter and jewels are alway on trend for this season so why not add some to your hairstyle. You can use glitter stray in your hair for a fun touch or jeweled hair pins inspired by the season. 

Voluminous Ponytail

This hairdo looks good any season but will be great for the winter. It's going to make sure that it's ready for any weather. Even if you get some snow when you say I Do it's going to remain looking gorgeous. Make sure you add texture with come waves or curls to add an extra touch. 

Hollywood Waves

If you were thinking of wearing this popular hairstyle winter would be the best season to rock it. This hairstyle is very hard to maintain and things like humidity in the summer can really affect how long it lasts. With the winter season you don't have to worry about that. 

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