What To Wear To Your Rehearsal Dinner?

 Your wedding dress is an important fashion piece for your wedding, but what about your other wedding celebrations? It can be fun choosing your outfits but it can also be demanding. Your rehearsal dinner is seen as almost the opener to your wedding. So it gives your guest a sneak peak at what they can expect the wedding theme to be and your overall wedding vibe. That's why choosing your outfit for this occasion is important. If you are unsure on what to wear to this important event keep on reading. 

Use Your Wedding Theme For Inspo

Like we mentioned, your rehearsal dinner gives a little peak into your wedding. So when you are choosing your outfit look for something that embraces your wedding theme. If you are having a classic black and white wedding look for an outfit that has a timeless feel. If you are a boho bride look for lots of lace and flowy pieces. 

Pay Attention To The Season

Make sure your rehearsal dinner outfit is season appropriate. You want to to make sure you aren't freezing in a winter dinner out. The same goes for a summer rehearsal dinner. Go for something light weight so you don't over heat. 

Coordinate With Your Partner

Have a cohesive and elegant look for your rehearsal dinner by matching with your partner. That doesn't mean you both wear the same outfit. But look at little details that you can use for your look. If your partner is wearing a certain color try to add that with either your shoes or accessories. If they are wearing a certain print you can look for an outfit that uses a similar print. 

Dress Code

Just like your wedding you are most likely going to want to incorporate a dress code for your rehearsal dinner. That dress code is not only for the guests to follow. Use it as inspiration for your outfit. It can be as formal or as casual as you would like. Although we do suggest looking at your wedding dress code for some guidance for your dinner dress code. Also think about the setting in which the dinner will take place for your dress code. 

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