Maximalist Wedding Ideas

 Your wedding day is the time to go all out. We have seen couples shift from minimalist weddings and are now embracing all things big and bold. A maximalist wedding is about nothing being too much. There is no color that is too bold, no flower arrangement that is too big, and no entertainment that is too showy. Having a maximalist wedding can come with a need for a bigger budget. So be aware with that when you are starting your wedding planning. If you want to have a maximalist wedding here are some ideas to inspire you. 

Large Venue

Your venue is going to really set the tone for your wedding. For a maximalist wedding look for a large venue that has a lot of set up options. That means you can have indoor and outdoor options. It's going to give your wedding that elevated and maximalist feel. 

Mixing Themes

Don't be afraid to try something new for your maximalist wedding. When you are choosing a theme it's okay to mix things up. Things like dessert disco aren't things you would normally see together but they can work. It will give your wedding that unique touch and allow you to go all out with both themes. 

Dress Code

When we think about wedding dress codes it's always understood that the guests shouldn't wear things that will up stage the bride. On the other hand, a daring dress code allows your guests to have more fun with what they wear. They can go for bright fun colors instead of sticking to the neutrals. It allows them to be able to express their own style and making your wedding pop. 

Show Off Your Own Skills

If you have a talent why not show it off in your own wedding. You can take the spot light and perform a dance routine or even sing a love song to your partner. It gives your wedding that wow factor that guests are always going to remember. 

Go All Out With Your Exit

We've all heard about a grand exit to end the night but a maximalist really embraces that. End the night with one of your favorite bands performing. You can also do a big fireworks show. If fireworks aren't allowed in your area, consider a drone show. 

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