What Shoes Should You Switch Into For The Reception

 There comes a point in the day where your feet are just going to be tired and they may even hurt. That's why a lot of brides love to have an extra pair of shoes to switch into the dance the night away. You can wear anything you will feel comfortable in but we have some ideas for you. 


If you are having a summer wedding or even a beach aside wedding having a pair of sandals would be a great shoe to wear when your feet get tired. You can choose something simple like flip flops or something a bit more dressy with straps and embellishments. It's all up to you. But these would be perfect for a summer wedding. 

Warm Boots

If you are a winter bride you're going to make sure your feet are kept warm. You can switch out your heels into fur lined boots. They are going to feel like you're walking on clouds after a long day. They are also going to help keep you nice and toasty. 

Matching Sneakers

Have a fun moment with your partner and get matching sneakers. It will be an amazing look to switch into. You can then even rewear them on your anniversary together. You can also add small details with your initials embroidered on them. 

Ballet Flats

This style is back on trend and would make a great pair to switch into for your reception. It allows you to be more comfortable but still have a more formal and elegant style. Go for a sparkle pair or add a pop of color to really transform your look. 


Slippers are the ultimate comfort shoe to wear. You can have them with you before the wedding and also use them at the after party. Choose a pair that are easy to walk and dance in. You can even have matching ones with your wedding party for them to switch into. 

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