Wedding Trends To Look Out For In 2024

 The new year is almost upon us which means new trends are on their way. Weddings in this new year to come will be all about love and celebration. If you are looking for some inspiration for you future wedding we have great trends for you. Keep on reading to find out what they are. 

Candid Photos

It's time to minimize the amount of posed wedding photos and capture more candid photos. Photographers are embracing shooting photos in a more documentary style. Candid photos are great because you get the reality of the day. Brides are also looking towards their guests to capture candid photos. Couples are leaving out disposable cameras for their guests to use. These photos will be cherished for years to come. 

The Year Of Minis

Everything from your wedding dress to the wedding cake, we can expect to see a lot of minis present in 2024 weddings. Mini versions of things are not only cute but can work with any type of wedding you are having. Instead of serving you guests slices of wedding cake consider mini individual cakes. A mini wedding dress is not only great for your reception but your ceremony. You can add a detachable skirt if you want a more traditional look for the ceremony. 

New Dress Code

Couples are getting very specific with the dress code they want their guests rocking. We are transitioning from the tradition "cocktail attire" to themes like western wear. This is great if you want a very cohesive look to your party. Just keep in mind that it's okay if not all guests wear the dress code to the T. 

Private Vows

This trend isn't only for the more introverted couples but anyone can share private vows. It can make them more personal and allows you to share a special moment alone with your partner. You can get as deep as you want with them if there are some things you prefer not to share with your guests. You can still have the traditional vows at the alter but save the more personal ones for private. 

Take A Seat

We typically see the wedding party standing at the alter but why not give them a seat. Make your wedding party comfortable by allowing them to sit down at the alter. It also gives more attention to you and your parter up there. Your bridal party are going to be thankful to be off their feet. 

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