Helpful Tips To Create Your Wedding Day Timeline

 Your wedding day is long awaited and is sure to be filled with lots of love. It's also going to be a bit chaotic trying to make sure that everything runs smoothly and everyone is on time. That's why having a wedding timeline is so important. It breaks down every hour that going to be needed and keep you on track. Here are some tips to help you create a timeline that will make sure you have the perfect wedding day. 

Make Your Timeline Personal

There are lots of wedding timelines out on the internet but you should not copy and paste it to your wedding day. It's important to make your timeline catered to your specific wedding. Everyones day is going to look different. Make note of all the important things that take place before and after the wedding. This is going to guide to then breaking down how long each task will take. 

The Earlier The Better

Your wedding day is guaranteed to be a long day. It might seem like your actual wedding came and went in the blink of an eye but that isn't really the case. You are going to want to get started your day the earlier the better. It's going to allow you do not rush and enjoy every moment of the great ready process. If you are planning on taking wedding photos the day of then it's even more important to start your day early. 

Save Some Space

There are going to be small things that you may forget to include in your wedding day timeline. Things like eating breakfast or signing your marriage license. Make sure you give yourself some extra time to be able to do these things. Also think about any travel time you have to include. 

Hand Out Your Timeline

Your wedding timeline is not only helpful to you but your wedding party and even your vendors. You can email the timeline to them to make sure they know when and where they are supposed to be on the big day. 

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