Is An Elopement For You?

 We have heard brides say that through planning a wedding they have asked themselves if they should just elope with their partner. Elopement used to come with a certain stigma that has changed over the years. During the pandemic we embraced intimate and micro weddings. Elopement would be the smallest form of a micro wedding. So when it comes time to start planning your wedding should you elope instead? We are here to help you decide what type of ceremony would be the best fit for you and your partner. 

Who Attends An Elopement?

For an elopement it is most common to only have the officiant and the couple being married present. There are of course no set rule that you have to follow. Couples choose to bring their children to their elopement or even their parents. It's all up to you and who you want present when you say I Do. 

Is A Witness Needed? 

Touching on who is to attend the elopement, make sure you check the laws of the state you are planning on having your elopement. Some states do require you to have a witness present while others do not. Just make sure you double check before the big day. 

What To Wear For Your Elopement?

You might think that because it's such a small event you don't need a formal wedding gown but we say of course wear the gown. You can make your elopement as formal or non formal as you would like. But don't think that can't wear a formal gown just because it's a smaller event. 

Do You Want To Marry Quickly?

Answering the question on how long you want to be engaged for is a great way to decide if an elopement is right for you. Now we aren't saying you have to have a short engagement in order to elope but most couples choose elopement because they want to get married quickly. If you think the sooner the better, then an elopement will be the perfect fit. 

The Pressure Is Off

If you just can't fathom the thought of having to read your vows in front of a room full of people or performing your first dance as a married couple than elopement would be perfect. The pressure to preform is completely gone and you just have to share this moment with your partner. You'll be able to truly enjoy the moment instead of having to worry about all the eyes on you. 

Putting Your Money Into Something Else

We all know that a wedding comes with a pretty hefty price tag. If you are looking into buying your first house together or maybe you just want a long honeymoon, the money for the wedding could be used towards that instead. An elopement allows you to save money and use that towards something else you want. 

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