How To Still Have A Glow For Your Winter Wedding

 All brides want that wedding glow on their big day. I shows that their skin and hair is healthy. Making for a beautiful bridal look. It can be harder to have that radiant look in the winter because the cold weather can create dry skin. But there is no need to worry because we have some tips to help you keep that glow even in harsh conditions. Keep on reading to see some of our tips. 

Don't Use Too Hot Of Water

The temperatures are cold so that means you will be taking hot showers. However it's important to still be mindful of how hot the water is. You don't want it to be too extreme because it can damage your hair and skin. It can dry both out which will require you to have to moisturize more. 

Body Oil

For an extra layer of moisture try layering up your body lotion with body oil. It will create a nice penetrating layer that will leave your skin feeling soft and hydrated for hours. We advice skipping on the oil for the big day to avoid any staining of your gown. 

Start Incorporating Masks

Using hydrating hair and skin masks are a great way to add that extra boost of hydration. Try using them one to two time a week months before your wedding day. It's not only going to help save your from a dry winter but can also serve as a pampering night for you to relax. 


Make sure you get rid of the dead skin to really hydrate and get that glowing look. You can exfoliate your body but did you know you can also exfoliate your scalp? If you suffer from a flakey scalp during the cold months try incorporating a scalp exfoliation. It's going to help get rid of the dead skin that causes dandruff. There are physical exfoliators and chemical. Make sure you test them on a patch on skin before to see if you have any reaction to it. 

Bundle Up

Try not too expose yourself too much to the cold dry winter winds. Make sure you bundle up when outside. It can help keep your skin from getting too dry. 

Drink Your Water

It seems that the summer time is when more people drink water to cool down but it's just as important to drink your water during the winter. You might be drinking more hot tea and hot coffee which can dehydrate you. In order to get you to remember to drink more water get a cute water cup. Its a good way to serve as a reminder. 

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