Pros & Cons Of Using A Wedding Hashtag

 Wedding hashtags are a modern element that couples are choosing to add to their big day. If you have attended a wedding in the last couples of years it possible you have seen and used some. Wedding hashtags were created to help couples collect wedding photos that are posted on social media through their guests. It helps to have a unique hashtag to be able to make it easy to retrieve the pictures or any content of the wedding. It's not necessary to have a wedding hashtag but what are some pros and cons? We hope this will help you decide if should use a hashtag or not. 

Pro: Good For Getting Guests Involved

Having a wedding hashtag is a good way to get your guests to take more photos and capture more videos of the wedding. They may think that no one will really see what they capture, but with a wedding hashtag people who are part of the wedding can easily look it up. It can also help with those who aren't able to attend. 

Con: Phones Can Ruin Professional Photos

It's important to specify when you want your guests to take out their phones to capture the celebration. If guests see their is a wedding hashtag being used they might take out their phones during the ceremony. This can be captured through your professional wedding photos. You might even see in increase of your guests using their phones during the wedding and it showing in professional photos. 

Pro: More Than One Perspective

A wedding hashtag lets you live your wedding day through the perspective of your guests. You can see all of the fun they had and it makes for more candid content. This isn't something you can get with your professional wedding photographer. 

Con: Using A Very Unique Hashtag

By this day in time there have been many hashtags that have been used so it's important to pick a very unique hashtag. You don't want your photos getting meshed in with someone else's wedding day. It can be hard coming up with something that hasn't been used so you do have to carve out time in you busy planning schedule to come up with one. 

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