Modern Winter Bouquet Ideas

 If you are looking on elevating your bridal look and getting in the winter season then have just the right ideas. Make the switch from your traditional floral bridal bouquets and try something new. There many ways you can make the change to make it more personal and more your style. Here are some ideas that we think you'll love. 

Ornaments Bouquet

The winter season also means its holiday season. Christmas is a theme that winter brides love to incorporate into their wedding. Having an ornaments bouquet is a perfect way to do that. Not only is it unique and creative, but you also have bring that joy of Christmas into your bridal look. Go for colors and textures that you love most. 


Crystal Bouquet

Crystals bring that ice element to your bridal bouquet that would match perfectly with a winter wonderland wedding. You can go with clear crystals or try adding colored ones for a different look. Reds would also look great during the winter season. You can even add an icy blue. 

Pinecone Bouquet 

During the winter season pinecones are the it accessory. We see them in home decor, Christmas decors, and now they can be part of you bridal look. Pinecones bring that winter element to any look and is a good neutral that can match any gown. It's also great if you want a more woodland them for your wedding. 


Pearl Bouquet

If the crystal bouquet wasn't the right choice for you perhaps a pearl bridal bouquet would be better. A pearl bouquet is elegant and classy. It also adds that winter white snow look to your bridal look. 

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